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Mantua Capital is a provider of growth capital.

The global economic downturn has forced a permanent change of culture with regard to banks lending to, and
investing in, small businesses. We provide financial and entrepreneurial support to overcome the financing problems
this cultural change has imposed on SME’s.

Mantua is a boutique fund backed by family wealth derived from generations of successful investing across
burgeoning global markets. We retain a family culture at heart, and invest in people as a fundamental. Mantua
also enjoys Gateley LLP as an equity Partner.

We operate a transparent and agile investment process, and are not subject to third party constraints as we invest
our own capital directly.

We prefer to invest in proprietary disruptive technologies, or companies that can demonstrate a strong, defendable
market position.

Individual investments are available between £100,000 and £1,000,000 and may be advanced in their entirety, or in
pre-agreed tranches. If an opportunity is dependent upon syndication with another party, we will consider this on an
individual basis.

When the opportunity for growth arises, Mantua is there to support small business.

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